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Welcome to Silver 7
We provide solutions for all your framing and tool control needs
Your Premier Destination for Custom Cases, Laser Marking, and Tool Control Solutions

• Framing Components
• Tool Control
• Pre-Engineered Framing
• Custom Cases
• Custom Engineered Framing
• Tool Storage Solutions

Pre-Engineered Solutions
Pre-Engineered Framing Solutions
Pre-Engineered Framing Solutions

See our complete line of pre-engineered framing solutions for the most common applications.

Frame Components
Framing Components
Framing Components

Silver 7 carries a complete array of framing components and bulk framing material.

Custom Designed Framing Solution
Custom Designed Framing Solution
Custom Designed Framing Solution

Custom engineered solutions to meet your exact needs.

Tool Control
Tool Control and Storage
Tool Control and Storage

Solutions for all your tool storage and tool control needs.

Custom Cases
Custom Cases
Custom Cases

Foam inserts for your mobile toolbox or shipping case.

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What We Do

Silver 7 Products is a leading supplier of aluminum framing and tool control solutions. We provide both off the shelf components and assemblies as well as complete custom solutions to meet your exact needs.

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Full time engineering staff to help you create your custom solutions
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3D tool scanning service

Silver 7 Designing Red Graphic- Pencil-Framer

Full Autodesk Design Suite including Inventor and AutoCAD

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In house tool laser marking and screen printing

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Full machine shop with CNC mills and CNC saw

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Huge inventory on HDPE foam in a multitude of colors and densities

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All framing components sourced in the US

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Work with all major case and toolbox suppliers

Silver 7

Who We Are

Silver 7 Products is a subsidiary of Malleus Industrial Group,LLC and is located in Dallas, Texas. Silver 7 was started after we realized there was no good tooling foam companies dedicated strictly to doing custom inserts with high quality materials. Silver 7 came to life in a Las Vegas garage with a CNC router and a homemade part scanner. We did custom fire arms cases and tool box foam in the local area. After relocating to Dallas, Texas we started expanding our customer base to include numerous aerospace maintenance and manufacturing companies in the area. We now do thousands to tool boxes and cases a year. We are able to work with our customer to create high quality reusable foam inserts for any need they may have.

In 2023, we upped our game and added extruded aluminum framing to our capabilities. We already had a lot of hands-on experience with Tee- slot aluminum framing from our sister company, Laminar Workflow. We decided that aluminum framing and tool control foam went hand and hand. We can now offer our customer custom worktable and assembly station as well as individual framing component. We design and build everything in house and have the ability to customize any design to meet our customer exact needs.

Silver 7 is a veteran owned company and sourced all aluminum components in the US.

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