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Silver 7 can provide all of your custom case and storage needs. We can scan your equipment, tools, or fire arms and create a custom foam insert for any type of case . Stop dragging around that flimsy OEM case and get custom cases that will protect your equipment for a lifetime and is specifically tailored to your needs.

Custom Cases

Gun Cases

Silver 7 can build you a custom case specifically designed to fit your customized fire arm. We use the best foam and cases on the market to build you a case that will protect your weapon for a lifetime. We make all of our foam inserts in house and specifically to your needs. We do not do generic cut outs. When you buy a case from Silver7 you will be getting a unique case made to your exact specifications. We will scan your weapon and create an accurate profile in foam to match. All of our cases are guaranteed for life and are individually serialized.


Silver 7 can build a custom case for any piece of equipment you need to carry out into the field.

  • Electronics
  • Camera equipment
  • Drones
  • Musical Instruments
  • Metrology equipment
  • Tools

All of your equipment can be scanned in and an exact profile can be generated and best fit to a case using 3D CAD software. Don’t risk your expensive equipment to a flimsy OEM case. Get a purpose-build storage solution today!



Looking for a great gift idea? Silver 7 can build custom cases to put your gift over the top. Cigar cases, Liquor case, Shot glass cases. The sky is the limit. Whatever you have we can build a case for it. We can make great Groomsman/Birthday/Graduation gift case.

Tool Box Inserts

  • Are you missing tools?
  • Do you have trouble finding your tools?
  • Are your tools scatters all over your garage or work area?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need tool control. Silver 7 can use your tools to create custom foam inserts that keeps all of your tool nicely organized and easy to find.  Stop wasting time digging around in tool box drawers looking for the right tool.  With Silver 7 tool box inserts the looking is over. Get back to work with custom tool box inserts created to fit your specific tools.


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